A downloadable Super Glovekid [Demo] for Windows

NOTE : This game is still in development. This demo contains a selection of levels from the final game. Please tell me about your impressions and any bug you encountered.

Super Glovekid is a fast-paced, retro-styled platformer.

Collect gems and attack enemies as you run across colorful levels.
Take control of either Glovekid or Glovegirl, each with their own abilities and characteristics.

This demo release features a selection of 8 levels (and 2 boss fights) from the final game.

You can use an USB gamepad to play this game - plug it in before starting the exe file.

Install instructions

Extract all the files from the zip folder and launch "SuperGlovekidDemo.exe"

I recommend that you disable scaling on high DPI settings in the file properties before starting the exe file.


SuperGlovekidDemo2017.zip 7 MB

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