Version 1.1
- Score system implemented
- Bugfix: Defeating a boss after dying (or vice versa) is now impossible
- Bugfix: Boss health bar now properly disappears after using a continue

Witch Loves Bullets is a side-scrolling shoot'em up, containing 4 levels and boss battles. It features varied enemies, a couple of powerups and parallax scrolling.

The game was created with Pico-8.

Press C to shoot, and X to use your secondary weapon.

The music was composed by Dustin van Wyk (@WykDustin) and transformed by me into Pico-8 chiptune.

Please report any bugs if you find them ! :)

Hope you enjoy !


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Looks super cute . Sounds are perfect. Controls very well. Can see this as something I would of played years ago as a professional game .

only thing I would of liked would of been a score counter 

Hi, thanks for the feedback ! 

I'm working on an update which will add a score system :)

The game was updated, there is a score system now